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JVC HR-XVC1U DVD/Hi-Fi VHS VCR Combo Price: $214.94

Media: Electronics

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Publisher: JVC
Salesrank: 161

  • DVD/hi-fi VHS video recorder combination deck with SQPB (S-VHS quasi playback) and Spatializer virtual surround sound
  • Plays DVD-Video, CD, CD-R/RW, VCD, MP3 (CD-R/CD-RW), and VHS cassettes
  • High-bit/high-sampling (10-bit/27 MHz) video digital-to-analog converter
  • 1-bit P.E.M. D.D. audio converter with 96 kHz/24-bit audio resolution; optical and coaxial digital audio outputs
  • Component-video, composite-video, S-video terminals and RF output

    Customer Reviews:
    One very useful Product for the Video Enthusiast
    This is one of the newest and hottest new combination DVD/VCR combinations on the market today. Upon picking up my purchase of the HR-XVC1U I was impressed. The finish and construction of this product is first rate, and it provides just about every feature one could hope for in a combination unit. Although it does not provide progressive scan for the HD TV owner, for those of us who have a 2 to 3 year old large screen set of 32 - 36 or projection size, it performs admirably. It will play SVHS tapes, and record and play VHS with a clarity I have not seen even on my older SVHS unit. It will also record VHS and show a DVD at the same time. Hook ups and Outputs will impress even the most demanding. The DVD will play all DVD and CD formats. The Remote, it should be noted, is not Universal with the exception of other JVC products, and the Users manual was obviously written by someone with English as a second language. However, if you are able to look past these small limitations, you will not be disappointed. I highly reccomend this product.

    Easy Set Up
    Love this machine! Works great! Set up was easy, although I probably made it harder than it needed to be.
    I spent some time trying to understand the manual. I finallly just went for it and found setting up the machine was easy.
    I connected the cable to the dvd player, the color coded cords from the DVD player to the TV & TADA! I was done.

    I was able to view a VHS tape immediately or switch to a DVD. What's nice about this machine is that I don't have to got through a lot of gyrations to view a DVD or VHS tape. The Sanyo I used to have required all kinds of set up just to view a DVD. (The moon had to be in Aquarious in the seven house and the planets had to be in alignment, just kidding). But seriously, I had to write down the steps for the Sanyo just to remember how to use it. Don't think you'll have that problem with this machine. A happy customer.

    Great DVD, mediocre VCR
    This is a fine unit for DVD playback, and has a lot of great features. But my experience with the VCR side left a lot to be desired. The machine has been saddled with a sub-par tuner which makes for noisy, color smeared VHS recordings, and its playback of factory pre-records isn't all that great either (but I will say that EP recordings don't fall off very much quality wise from SP, although the frequency response at both speeds is pretty atrocious). JVC brags about how it's the inventor of VHS. . . shame they couldn't do better here.

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