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Creative Labs 10 GB Nomad Jukebox MP3 Player
Creative Labs 10 GB Nomad Jukebox MP3 Player Price: $224.95

Media: Electronics

Availibility: Usually ships within 24 hours
Publisher: Creative Labs
Salesrank: 1,526

  • Portable digital audio player with 10 GB of built-in storage (over 160 hours of CD-quality music)
  • Supports MP3, WMA, and WAV files; firmware upgradeable
  • USB interface for fast digital transfer; compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Weighs only 14 ounces and measures the size of a portable CD player
  • Comes with headphones, 1 set of rechargeable batteries, andAC adapter

    Customer Reviews:
    WOW!!! Over 9,000 hours and counting!
    I purchased the 6 GB version of this product over a year ago. I was looking for a reasonably priced way to put high quality "on hold" music on our company's telephone system. I've only ripped 440 songs onto it so far. Which is only taking up about 1.5 GB or 25% of my available memory! Using the A/C adapter, I plugged it into our phone system and selected Random play. It has been playing NON-STOP, 24 hours a day, EVERY day for the past 13 months! Folks, that's over 9,000 hours of CONTINUOUS play without a glitch! And it shows no signs whatsoever of stopping! To say that I'm happy with my purchase is a huge understatement! I can't imagine what more could be asked of this product. It has proven to be incredibly durable and reliable. The computer interface is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Much easier than the Rio products I have used before. You can make multiple play lists, which has been very helpful for our application. (For instance, we have a seperate play list of Christmas music that we play only during the holiday season.) The sound quality is exceptional. We have received many compliments on the sound of our hold music from our customers. Obviously, this things is built to last. If it holds up this well to 24/7 commercial use, just imagine how long it would last under normal use!! If you want a reliable machine that holds an incredible amount of music, look no further!

    Ever since my license got suspended, I've been riding public transportation on a daily basis. I got tired of lugging my giant "portable" CD walkman around so I decided to do some shopping for something a little smaller. MP3 players came to mind, especially since I've already got a handful of strictly MP3 gigs on my PC.

    32Mb players run a little over [price]. Extremely small and lightweight, but WTF am I gonna do with 32megs??? Listen to the same 5 songs over and over again? Rewrite a new tracklist every night? Garbage.

    64Mb players go for about [price]. See 32Mb description above x 2.

    128Mb players can easily creep up to the [price] mark. Still not nearly enough space for my tough-to-please mentality. That's not even 1/4 of a CD's worth.

    and then it appeared...

    Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox - under [price].

    10 gigs of music. Wow. 10 gigs?!?! And I'm here shopping around for 128megs?!?! *.WMA, *.WAV, and *.MP3 format with upgradable firmware?! Sold.

    I finally got my new toy this past Monday and I already LOVE IT. The only thing that [stinks] is that it's the same size as my old CD walkman, which sorta defeats the purpose of why I wanted something new in the first place. Oh well. If you're all up on the whole digital music thing, this item is a MUST HAVE.

    *Fast transfers via USB ports - each track only takes a few seconds to upload/download.

    *100% Customizable. Playlists along with tracks categorized by artist, album, and genre.


    *Comes loaded with some garbage samples and tracks. Not a big deal though, go ahead and delete 'em.

    *I had no problem installing the included software on my Win98 SE PC at home, but couldn't do it on my Win2000 box at work. When I launch the Creative PlayCenter 2, it generates errors and shuts down even after reinstalling it.

    Overall: 9 out of 10.

    The best mp3 player!
    I've had the creative nomad jukebox for about 3-4 months now and all that I can say is that it totally rocks! I've always been into electronics so when my old cd walkman gave out, I looked into buying an mp3 player. Now I searched up a ton of mp3 players and this one, by far, is the BEST. With 10GB of storage capacity, you can store so much on here. You can customize playlists for every possible occasion and you also have many other options of not only adjusting the bass/treble but it also can play your songs for you in various different settings that they provide - auditorium, concert, living room, etc. It is so amazing because you can download mp3's and then play them as you would hear it in a concert setting. It's so brilliant. The software is easy to use. You can make mp3's from your own cd's and then download them to your jukebox or you can just download songs from the internet and then download them to your jukebox. I have heard complaints that the volume [is not good]. That is simply not true. The volume is clear and it has excellent sound quality. Another thing i was worried about was the weight of the jukebox because I love working out with music and I wanted to take it with me wherever I went. Although it is heavier than other mp3 players, it's still about the size of a cd-man and the weight is not that significant. I run with my jukebox and I don't have any problems. Oh, and that's another thing. It DOESN'T SKIP. For someone who runs, that's really important and there is no cd-man that doesn't skip. It has a 5 minute anti-skip. 5 MINUTES! That's amazing. Basically, you will have no problems. I take it with me everywhere...and I even play it in my car. Overall, i think this player is well worth the money. If you want to buy an outstanding mp3 player, then this is the one for you. The only cons that I can think of are that it's heavy and it doesn't have that long of a battery life. (By the way, I don't use the Creative rechargable batteries that come with the player. I bought some Energizer and Sony ones and they are way better. You can play music for about 5 hours non stop).

    Overall, I give it a 2 thumbs up!

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