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Toshiba MW20FM1 20" Pure Flat Screen TV/DVD/VCR Combo
Toshiba MW20FM1 20" Pure Flat Screen TV/DVD/VCR Combo Price: $499.99

Media: Electronics

Availibility: Usually ships within 24 hours
Publisher: Toshiba
Salesrank: 1,013

  • FST PURE Flat picture tube eliminates glare
  • Full-featured DVD player with Dolby Digital and DTS surround-sound output
  • 4-head hi-fi stereo VCR
  • Front-panel AV inputs for easy connection of video games or a camcorder
  • Headphone jack allows for individual listening privacy

    Customer Reviews:
    Has it all!
    This unit has it all... DVD/VHS/Flat screen 20" TV, perfect for a bedroom. Picture is great, the VCR is extremely quiet and because it is integrated you don't lose quality in plugging your cable connector into a VCR and then separately feeding the VCR to TV. It has a lovely display outwardly and clean presentation in a room (less cords and cables). I have it waking me up each morning M-Fri and turning off when I should be walking out the door. It's fun.

    The 4 rating instead of 5 is due to the following: The remote control is poorly designed with very small and unnaturally located channel and volume buttons when usually these are the most prominent things on a remote. Likewise, the DVD menu navigation buttons are even smaller and tough to maneuver. I suggest buying a universal remote (make sure it has DVD capability). Also docked for inability to record one show and watch another simultaneously, but this is a fundamental, I'm sure, to integrated TV/VCRs, and if you have a cable box with a different television you couldn't anyway. One other thing, when you change the channel the "stereo" display reference to sound setting is really low on the screen.

    I recommend it!

    High quality, easy to set up, what more could one ask?
    Combo units sometimes get a bad rap because people assume that having everything together in one box compromises the quality one could have by buying a TV, VCR and DVD as separate components. With this Toshiba unit, there is absolutely no compromise, because everything is first rate. The flat screen TV renders an outstanding picture and the quality of the VCR and DVD are as good as if one would have purchased them separately. The remote, however, could be improved. The DVD controls are non-intuitive, and difficult to read. It took me watching about six movies before I could navigate my way easily around the menus. Thus, because of the remote, I can't give it a five-star rating. Otherwise, this is a great purchase, and kudos to Amazon[.com] for shipping it about a month before I expected it!

    Third time the charm thanks to Amazon Cust Serv
    This is a great item for a guest bedroom or anyplace -- like a very small apartment - where versatility would be overruled by space limitations. Overall, the sound, picture and functions make it a very good value for the price. True, the VCR recording quality isn't as good as a unit with 4 flying erase heads would be, but c'mon! -- for the price of a VCR like that you're getting a TV and a DVD player as well. I'd also like to opine that the remote is not as bad as some reviews would lead you to believe (and BTW my hands aren't small).

    My review title refers to the fact that due to the carelessness of the delivery guys in our area, I had to return damaged units of this TV TWICE. Even the third one arrived damaged, but not as bad as the others -- and by then I was willing to accept a cosmetically imperfect unit as my fate. (Plus the first ep of BtVS was in 2 days! We needed a TV!)

    The Customer Service folks at Amazon were very understanding and accommodating & so the five-stars are equally and especially for the folks in Electronics!! Thank you Vicki!

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