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SONICblue Rio S35S Sport 128 MB MP3 Player
SONICblue Rio S35S Sport 128 MB MP3 Player Price: $170.99

Media: Electronics

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Publisher: SONICblue
Salesrank: 56
Released: 01 November, 2002

  • 128 MB on-board memory; expandable up to 256 MB via MMC cards
  • Supports MP3 or WMA files; upgradeable for future music formats; PC and Mac compatible
  • Integrated FM tuner, clock, and stopwatch; water and impact resistant
  • Up to 10 hours' playback on one AAA battery; accepts NiMH rechargeables
  • Includes earbuds, carry case with clip and armband, AAA battery, USB cable, and music management software

    Customer Reviews:
    Overall decent MP3 Player
    I received this as a gift and am quite pleased with the performance. As noted in other posts, if you're looking to get good radio reception, you may want to look elsewhere. This unit is sensitive to orientation, but I'm using it at the gym and it receives the signals well.
    This is my 1st MP3 player, and as far as ease of use, it has intuitive menu options to configure and use the player and is ready to use out of the box (comes with a few preloaded songs.) The Rio manager software is easy to use (drag and drop) and the included software to correct MP3 tags in your library is pretty cool... Sound quality is good, but not audiophile quality for you discerning types. The included headphones are light but don't sounds as well as one would hope. I've swicthed headphones and that has made a big difference. The latest firmware upgrade now states that MMC cards up to 512MB have been sucessfully tested, making this an expandable unit.
    Overall, if you're looking for a lightweight MP3 player that can take some abuse and endure a rugged workout, I think you'll be pleased with the S35S, I am.

    Finally a good sport MP3 player
    I've been watching the roles of MP3 players for about 4 years now, waiting for a good one in the application for which MP3 was conceived: sport. Requirements: decent resistance to the elements/sweat, high memory capacity, immunity to shock, light-weight, decent sound, decent comfort. The RIO S35S meets or exceeds all of these.

    128MB built-in has me covered for 1.5+ hours of activity; plenty for most people. I'll get an expansion card anyways, just to have the option of more. It's light enough that I don't even notice it on my arm when running. The headphones are extremely comfortable and, surpisingly, I don't even notice them when running either. It's case provides ample protection from my prolific sweat. The sound, while not audiophile quality, is perfectly good for exercise. I've been using a NiMH battery with no problem (it worked even better once I found the battery setting in the menues and switched it from alkaline to NiMH ;-P).

    The radio reception is poor. I didn't get it to listen to the radio. If I wanted to listen to the radio, the are many sport models available at far less expense. For me, the radio is just a last resort if the battery gets too low to play MP3s.

    In all a very good player. Maybe a little expensive, but less than competing models like the Nike, which doesn't even have the option of a tuner. Enjoy!

    Simple to use; Great sound; Needs more on-board memory
    This is a neat MP3 player for athletes. It's small, lightweight, easy to use, and sounds great. I'm a mac user and the player is compatible with iTunes 3.0.1 and OS 10.2 (but you have to download a special iTunes plug-in from [the website]). The FM reception is okay here in Los Angeles (keep in mind that the headphone cord is the player's "antenna"); the player can store 8 FM presets. The headphones fit okay but produce little bass. The player comes with 128MB built-in memory, but for the price I think sonicblue should have included 256MB. The file transfers are fast and easy, just drag-and-drop from iTunes library to Rio player icon. The player window is sufficiently backlit and shows date/time, complete song info (auto scrolling of long song titles is pretty neat). Playback options include shuffle/repeat, 6 equalizer settings plus 1 custom bass/treble and sound clarity is sharp. The player lets you set 9 different bookmarks so you can quickly jump to, say, track 18. The powersave mode options lets you extend battery life, whether you use alkaline or NiMH. The build quality of the player is very good, and it has a nice "grippy" texture and the round shape with red/silvery white coloring looks cool. Sound rating 4.5 stars, Ease/Use rating: 4.5 stars, Storage rating: 2 stars. Overall: 3.5 stars.

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