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Logitech MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse
Logitech MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse Price: $68.99

Media: Electronics

Availibility: Usually ships within 24 hours
Publisher: Logitech
Salesrank: 24

  • MX Optical Engine delivers more accuracy and control than ever before
  • Fast RF cordless technology words within a six foot range, even on crowded desks
  • Rapid charge base station ensures that your mouse is always ready
  • Cruise Control scrolling system provides more efficient scrolling through long documents or web sites
  • Two thumb buttons let you quickly move forward or back between pages on the Internet

    Customer Reviews:
    Okay, but not great
    I bought this after reading a highly-complimentary review I don't think switching from my old corded mouse was really worth the effort, and in fact, I might go back to it. Although I do like the elimination of cord drag, here are the things I don't like:

    1) As another reviewer mentioned, you do have to remember to charge the mouse regularly (although I've searched the documentation and haven't found out exactly how long a charge should last). I had to make a run back to the office this weekend when I realized I had left the mouse on my desk, and I couldn't afford the 2-hour downtime Monday morning waiting for the mouse to charge.
    2) The small printed setup guide, whose content appears to be used for several different products, tells you that the charger must be placed 20 inches from any electrical device. Try to find a spot on your desk 20 inches away from any other electrical device!
    3) The mouse is fairly heavy, which means you cannot place it on an inclined surface, such as a keyboard tray, because it will slide down. (But the weight does not make it difficult to use other than that.)
    4) Sometimes an activity, especially scrolling, appears to "stick", i.e., the page continues to scroll after you've stopped telling it to. This usually happens to me in browser windows, as opposed to desktop applications.
    5) The software for configuring the mouse doesn't seem to work well. For example, I've tried several times to configure the Universal Scroll properties. The options I select never seem to stick, but there's no indication that my options failed, or the reason for the failure.

    So, I'd have to say I'm not all that pleased with this mouse. I haven't gone back to my old corded one yet, but if the recharging thing gets to be too much trouble, I probably will. The benefits of the this cordless mouse just don't outweigh the annoyances.

    Terrific Mouse - take advantage of the rebate!
    This is the first cordless mouse I've owned and I'm amazed at how great it is to experience cordless freedom. Pointing precision is as good as or better than the corded mice I've used on PCs and Macs. Ergonomics are excellent for my largish hand, although this simply isn't a mouse for left handers.

    Currently using this on my new iMac and installation was a nothing under OSX 10.2. Runs fine through a Belkin powered USB hub, too. I've thus far been able to disregard Logitech's rather unrealistic instructions to place the base unit 20 inches or more from electronic equipment. No problems with the base far closer to active gear than this, and good thing, too - how many of us have such a spot available on our desks?

    Battery life hasn't been an issue for me - I leave it on the base overnight and it hasn't died on me yet. I've found the added buttons, especially the forward and back buttons on the left side, extremely useful, and I now miss these on other people's mice.

    If you're in the market for a new mouse, this is a winner. Grab one while the rebate is still on!

    For gamers ...
    I have read a lot about the incompatibility of this mouse with several games. Here are a few hints that could make things a lot easier,

    1. Don't install the software that comes with it. I plugged in the mouse on my windows XP PC, and the mouse works just fine. The only button that would not work without the included software is the one on the center on top of the mouse. Since all this does is toggle between application, it not a big deal (you can use ALT-TAB for the same function). If you really feel the need to customize the buttons, wait for the latest software fixes/updates from logitech.

    2. Don't throw away your favorite corded mouse. During gaming (heavy use), the mouse only lasts for about 6-7 hours on a charge. As this mouse runs out of power (needing recharging) you may need your corded mouse still plugged-in handy, if you are in the middle of some action.

    3. The mouse feels very different at first, making you want to puke at throwing away you hard earned money. Be patient, this mouse takes time to get used to, and once you get used to it you'll love it! It is so precise, try sniping while running/strafing, you will never go back to your old mouse. The mouse is a little heavier due to the batteries, but since the mouse is so precise you can set it at high sensitivity (you'll get used to it) and you won't have to move it much. I personally like the "weighty" feel of the mouse, reminds me of the good 'ol mouse with a heavy rollerball underneath.

    This an excellent mouse and well worth it with the $20 rebate.

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