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TiVo Series2 80 Hour Digital Video Recorder
TiVo Series2 80 Hour Digital Video Recorder Price: $399.99

Media: Electronics

Publisher: TiVo
Salesrank: 119

  • TiVo service fee is not included
  • Up to 80 hours of digital audio/video recording capacity
  • 1 USB ports offer ready connectivity with digital cameras, MP3 players, or CD players
  • Works with antenna, cable, digital cable, satellite, and combinations
  • Everything required for installation is supplied

    Customer Reviews:
    I agree - awesome
    Everything the other reviews says is true - this product is absolutely wonderful. I won't repeat the numerous highlights, but instead want to bring up one additional plus and also state a very minor minus.

    First the plus - the onscreen guide is very comprehensive. So much so that I no longer need my TV Guide subscription (which at anywhere from $$$for a year is pricey). The guide gives excellent detail about each program and is easy to navigate, so no need to kill a tree.

    The minor minus - in the various menus, you will have anywhere from 5 to 9 choices, which you navigate by using the up and down arrows on the remote control. The problem is you can't arrow down to the bottom of a menu and then with one additional "down arrow" click, jump to the top of the menu. You instead have to switch to the "up arrow" and hit it numerous times to get to the top. It's a minor hassle, but this design aspect could be improved.

    Other than that, I have no complaints about this product and can say I'm truly happy with my Tivo!

    Tivo changed my life
    We bought our TiVo last year and we love it!! We are no longer slaves to TV programming, we never miss a show and it's really easy to use. You can't imagine how often I rewind a segment and watch it over again in case I miss a word or caption. You will never hassle with taping via a VCR again, no more hunting for a blank tape. I can't praise this product enough!! We're buying a TiVo for my husband's parents who can't handle a VCR, so that should tell you the skill level - it's easy. TiVo really comes in handy when there's nothing on to watch - you just check your list of shows saved and go from there. We like the "season pass" option to tape our regular shows we never want to miss. This is one electronic item you will never have buyer's remorse about. Go ahead, buy the unlimited service contract. It's worth it. And 60 hours is plenty - we're good about cleaning out the space once we've watched something. If you get a Sony machine, you can ONLY download to a Sony VCR if you want to save something on tape. That was an unpleasant surprise for us.

    A must have product! (Trust me... you'll see!)
    I bought a Tivo because I saw one at a friends house and thought it looked convenient. My fiance was somewhat against having yet another piece of electronics in our already packed entertainment center, but now it's her favorite device in the house! Seriously - once you get Tivo, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! Miss something important in your favorite show because a telemarketer called? No problem, just rewind live TV... Tivo always has a half hour buffer of what you're watching.

    The Season's Pass feature is by far the best ability of the Tivo. Simply find your favorite shows using the VERY simple to use menu, and say "Get a season's pass." The Tivo will then record every episode for you! (Or, you can choose from advanced options like 'Only record new episodes'). No more remembering to program the VCR... Tivo is super smart, and will always have all your favorite show just waiting for you. Plus - you save time by not wathcing those little 'intermissions' during your show ;) Tivo has 3 levels of fast forward on it's really easy to use remote control. Levels 2 and 3 are FAST. Plus, the tivo is so smart that when you're on level two or three fast forward, and you notice that yo're now fast forwarding into your show again (past the commercial) when you press 'Play' to stop the fast forward, the Tivo automatically (and instantly) rewinds a few seconds so that you don't miss anything!

    Plus, for all you fellow geeks out there, you can find instructions all over the web for doing things like adding new, larger hard drives, ethernet cards, etc. (I've added a 60GB upgrade, and an ethernet card - easy :) I could talk for Days about the benifits of Tivo, but I'll stop here. Buy it! :)

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