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Palm Tungsten T Handheld
Palm Tungsten T Handheld Price: Too Low To Display

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Publisher: PALM
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  • Reflective TFT color screen with brightness control and support for more than 65,000 colors
  • ARM-based Texas Instrument OMAP1510 processor
  • Integrated Bluetooth Radio and Antenna
  • Secure Digital/MultiMediaCard Expansion Slot
  • Palm OS version 5.0

    Customer Reviews:
    Good things come to those who wait.
    The m550 or more commonly known as the Tungsten T is refreshing addition to the Palm product line. It's been a while since Palm took a step in innovation but the Tungsten T is certainly a move in the right direction. If this is a preview of things to come for Palm or OS5 then things really do look bright for the PDA industry. However as great as the Tungsten may be, I think it would be premature to pick up a OS5 unit at this point in time and in the OS's life cycle.

    Being the holiday season many PDA manufacturers, particularly Palm OS units, historically don't release any major units. New units generally come out in the 1st and 3rd quarters of the year. This will hold true for Palm and Sony.

    If you are a first time buyer the Tungsten would be ok but at that price range you might be better off with a T665C or even an SJ30. If you are looking to upgrade, just hold out for a few more weeks. There is nothing worse then picking up a new PDA and to have a new one introduced only days after.

    Despite all negative feedback on its price, it still is an amazing unit. Although i am not a big fan of the flip or even the slider design, the compactness of the Tungsten T is difficult to ignore. As Palm research have shown, the grafitti area is used only about 20% of the time so tucking it away shouldn't pose too much of a problem. However I personally would have prefered a virtual grafitti for more real estate as opposed to a "sliding away" grafitti area.

    With many objections on a slider design on many fan sites and user groups Palm went ahead and developed on for their flagship OS5 unit. They felt that if they construct it well enough that they can convince people that the huge decrease in overall volume will be greatly appreciated. (After all it was the ultra slim design of the V that took the industry by storm.) And construct it well they did. The sliding action is smooth and firm with a noticable "clicking" noise to indicate that it is fully open or closed. The material which was used to construct the unit is of good quality and the multidirectional pad is a great addition. But i think the best feature of the Tungsten T (which is not present in ANY OS5 unit to date) is the integrated bluetooth.

    Lastly as for OS5, there are many comments about its compatibility with pre-OS5 applications. Many major apps have already been updated. You just need to find the right ones to install. All OS4 optimized apps will work on OS5. Only the apps made for the older OS3 might encounter some problems.

    As i always say before you go out and pick up any PDA, i strongly suggest you take it for a test drive and read LOTS of reviews. As for this unit, i think you should just wait a few more weeks. At the very least let the christmas crunch pass. However if you have money to waste, this is not a bad buy at all.

    Step Ahead
    I entered the PDA world two years ago when I got my first Vx. I wanted to upgrade and remain faithful to Palm, but other brands were calling my attention when comparing the m505.
    A friend told me to wait for a new announcement by Palm before year's end ... and my patient paid off.
    Wit the Tungsten Palm ratifies itself as the leader on PDA's.
    An attonishing high resolution color screen, very fast processor, integrated Bluetooth radio and antenna, Voice Memo (just what previous models were missing), revolutionary design, improved graffiti's character recognition, D-Pad, and a very generous selection of bundle software. Other brands might offer better multimedia features (MP3), but when talking true PDA, I think the Tungsten is the best choice in the marked today.
    Setbacks? It's still a little heavy to carry in the pocket of your shirt.

    Great product - astonishing screen
    I just tried the Palm Tungsten today. It's great - very fast, loading instantaneously all screens and menus. The simplicity of the Palm OS with the power of the new Texas processor, new color screen, and a stylish design. I saved my photos on a 128 Mb SD card, and when I looked at them I got fascinated - the resolution is so great that you can use the Palm to show your pictures to everybody. It's really hard to identify the dots on the screen. I know that Sony has PDA's with this screen, but unfortunately Sony went into the proprietary Memory Stick. I have a HP notebook, a Minolta camera Dimage X, and now a Palm Tungsten - all using a SD memory card, which will surely be the dominant design for memory cards - they are the size off a stamp. OK, the Tungsten may be pricier, but the reliability of Palm (I had a Palm V for 3 and half years) is great. I would go for a Sony if its PDA used SD cards. No way of going from Palms to PocketPCs - went it comes to PDAs, simpler is better. Negative points: Palm should had included a MP3 player, and the Tungsten is a little heavier (if compared to a Palm V)

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